Where the Feminist Argument Breaks Down

Lucy Liberal is out marching for women’s rights. Carl Conservative walks past, smiles, shakes his head, and heads off to his job.

“What?!” Lucy yells angrily, “You got a problem with women’s rights?”

Carl stops. “Women’s rights, or women’s equality?” he asks.

“’Same thing,” Lucy says, perturbed. “What the hell?”

“Ok,” Carl says. “So you would like women to be treated equally to men?”

“Yes,” says Lucy. “Of course, you misogynist pig!”

“In all circumstances?” Carl asks.

“Yes!” Lucy says.

“Just making sure I am understanding,” Carl says. “You are tired of men treating men differently than they would treat women under the same circumstance?”

“Yes!” she says, now only inches from Carl’s face. “Get your fucking Neanderthal head out of your chauvinist ass and listen to logic! We want absolute equality, no fucking exceptions. To be treated the same as men. How do you not understand this!? We can do anything men can do, because we are strong, smart, we kick ass, and we are tired of fucking men treating us ANY differently then they treat each other. We want equal treatment- always! We demand it you stupid Facist Republican Nazi scumbag!”

So Carl punches her in the face.

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