Secession to Celebration

Back in 2012, after Barack Obama decisively defeated Mitt Romney in the presidential election, I wrote an article called “Secession Obsession.” If you recall, immediately after the election, The White House website was flooded with thousands of signatures petitioning for secession from the Union. As far as I know, none were granted. Even Texas is still with us. Similar promises to leave the country are being made again after the 2016 election, sans threats of taking a large chunk of the country with them this time around.

I pondered what was different in 2012. George W. Bush was not well-liked in 2004, and won re-election by a large margin, yet there was no remarkable secession movement at that time. Barack Obama, the first black president, was elected in 2008, and again, no secession obsession. FDR was re-elected three times through the Great Depression and as far as I know no one was jumping off the bread lines to create a new nation. Why were hundreds of thousands of Americans in November 2012 standing up and saying, “Excuse me, this has been nice, but I would like to leave now?”

Conservatives champion many varied causes; personal freedom, small government, outlawing abortion, loosening gun control, tightening drug control, Christianity, etc. Often they don’t agree with their own fellow conservatives. If you want to see a good fight, ask a conservative libertarian and an old guard Republican about drug legalization. But the pot smoking libertarian and the Bible thumping Republican always have, and always will have a common love and deep respect for one thing- capitalism. The fundamental foundation of this thing we call America.

Prior to 2012, elections were followed by anger, disappointment, and an attitude of ‘we’ll get ‘em next time,’ from the losing side. In 2012, conservatives saw a man who makes no bones about his Euro-Socialist leanings proliferate a stagnant economy and push the national debt to incomprehensible numbers, then proceed to beat a man who wears his capitalist badge with pride. Did Barack Obama open doors and eyes and move the nation toward racial equality? Maybe. Does this outweigh the damage he did to the nation's economy by championing its divergence from capitalism? Not at all. This election saw for the first time a clear choice between capitalism and something else; and something else decidedly won. America spoke. They spoke up against capitalism. They wanted something different. They'd seen it in the bistros and public healthcare clinics of Europe, and despite all barometers of future European peace and prosperity pointing in the wrong direction, they liked it.

Capitalists woke up on November 7, 2012, not with a feeling of ‘We’ll get ‘em next time,’ but with a feeling of 'Wow, this is not my country anymore.' With no other capitalist nations in the world to flee to, capitalists had only one logical option, secession. Secession from a nation that was not just demonstrating temporary cold feet or growing pains with regard to capitalism, but one that seemed to have moved past it, never to return. There was no longer a fight to be fought, or a renewed, rejuvenated America to look forward to once the Left realized the error of the its short-sighted ways and relinquished the White House and Congress. But they weren’t going to lose, because there would be no more capitalist opposition. It would seem that Mitt Romney would be the last capitalist presidential candidate.

I was wrong.

Most capitalists didn’t go anywhere after the 2012 election, they waited. Until Nov. 8, 2016. Then, they voted.

The election of Donald Trump shows just how important the preservation of American Capitalism is to Americans. They literally elected the worst possible presidential candidate ever, because he had a very clear, albeit oafishly delivered, message that they heard from no one else- capitalism is cool. Capitalism works. We're sticking with it.
The preservation of Capitalist America trumps, no pun intended, racism, terrorism, abortion, gun control, healthcare, or any of the other current political hot buttons. It’s not just a “political issue”, it is literally a matter of our nation’s survival. There is nothing more dangerous to a nation than fiscal liberalism. The mythical idea that politicians can effectively and morally distribute a nation’s wealth as they see fit has always been, and always will be a pathway to corruption, tyranny, and human devastation. Americans saw this road being paved in 2012, and in 2016, they built a new one.

Capitalists have always looked to a candidate who would reduce government and let them think, work, create, produce, and live life to its fullest potential. Liberals looked to a candidate who they thought would distribute wealth in a way that would let everyone, or at least themselves, prosper. Of course, one look at the economic conditions of Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Venezuela show that this simply does not work. Margaret Thatcher said it as simply as it needs to be said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.” Capitalists, conservative Americans, those who look at the history of socialism and fight to keep it off our sacred soil do not want to be collateral damage, exploited and squeezed dry for not having become part of the liberal machine. In 2012, when it appeared that the machine had taken control, a sleeping giant awoke. And in 2016, it reclaimed its country.

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