Agents of Misfortune

Millions of Americans regularly serve their country by freeing innocents from the shackles of ignorance and oppression. Arguably, these Americans have the most important job in the world. Rightfully, many of these men and women take their jobs as seriously as they should, utilizing their training and committing themselves to helping those who need it most. But sometimes, a few bad apples truly do spoil the bunch.

A number of immoral and self-serving Americans will answer this profound call, only to regard it as merely a job, a means of income and benefits and path to stability, instead of regarding it as what it truly is, the responsibility of shaping the world’s future. Some will simply “put in their time,” follow orders, lay low and fit in, for only as long as it is deemed necessary for them to receive their compensation and post-employment benefits. A number of others will unfortunately use their positions to force their will on those they are commissioned to protect and free from oppression, thinking it’s the “right thing” to do, since the vast majority of their  occupational cohort shares a common world vision. The worst of the group will use their government-assigned authority to satisfy their own wicked desires, physically and sexually abusing those they are commissioned to protect. These infractions are routinely swept under the proverbial rug, lost forever in the haze of bureaucratic justice. The guilty are often assigned desk jobs in order to stop the abuse, while keeping their full benefits. Many inexplicably remain in their positions of power, and the abusive behavior continues.

No matter what the percentage of these evil or ineffective government officials is, the overarching results are horrific and unacceptable. The United States, once a shining example, has plummeted in production, education, and global respect, due to the pervasive and detrimental effect these officials have had on the individuals whose lives they were commissioned to improve, but have often destroyed. The arenas in which these officials operate were once places of hope and potential, where ignorance and evil were eradicated. Now they are often regarded as violent settings, where safety is fleeting, and blind collectivism, indoctrination and submission to authority is expected and rewarded. If the individuals in need survive the arena, they often grow up confused and angry as a result of their direct contact with the American government. Instead of loving and respecting the country that intended to help them, they find themselves hating it.

We really need to rethink the public school system.


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